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North Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak)

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Here are North Malaysia List:


Sabah is a state in Malaysia. Together with Sarawak to the southwest, the two states form the Malaysian portion of Borneo.
Sabah is divided into divisions, a legacy of the British North Borneo days. The divisions are in turn divided into districts. The divisions are:
  • Kudat Division located in the north of Sabah with Kudat and Kota Marudu as the main towns,
  • West Coast Division along the west of Sabah where Kota Kinabalu is located, Interior Division located in the south-west of Sabah, with Keningau and Tenom being its largest towns,
  • Sandakan Division in the east, with Sandakan town as its largest town, and
  • Tawau Division in the south-east of Sabah, with Tawau, Lahad Datu and Semporna as its largest towns.
  • Labuan is a group of offshore islands with federal territory status.

  • Kota Kinabalu - capital city of Sabah and the largest city in East Malaysia.
  • Lahad Datu - a town located on the east coast.
  • Sandakan - a town located in the east of Sabah and was formerly the capital of Sabah prior to WWII.
  • Semporna - a town located on the east coast, main hopping off points to the dive islands
  • Tawau - major town located at the southeast corner of the state, entry point from Indonesia
  • Tenom - main town in the interior of the state


Sarawak is Malaysia's largest state. It lies in East Malaysia and shares the island of Borneo with the eastern state of Sabah, the separate country of Brunei and the Indonesian provinces of Kalimantan.
Cities in Serawak
  • Bintulu - dreary oil and gas industry base
  • Kuching - Sarawak's capital, the City of Cats is located at the western tip of the state
  • Belaga - Jumping point to many of inner Borneo's indigenous tribes and long houses
  • Miri - Sarawak's northern city, capital of the state's oil industry
  • Sibu - gateway to the hinterland of the Rejang River, Sarawak's and Malaysia's longest river
  • Sarikei - "food basket" for the Land of the Hornbills
  • Sri Aman - little town along the Batang Lupar, popular among local and foreign tourists especially during the annual tidal bore phenomenon 'benak' in April.
  • Mukah - a coastal town in Central Sarawak where the sago-eating tribe (Melanau) are found.
  • Kapit - one of the stopover along the Rejang and gateway to interior Sarawak. Only accessible using express boats from Sibu
  • Bintangor - former name is 'Binatang' meaning animal. Famous for greenish skin orange.
  • Simunjan - a tiny town located between Serian and Sri Aman, site of some colonial era coal work