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About Me

My name is Muhammad Yusmi. I interest to the adventure or trips in some places those are unique, beautiful or secret place. Beside adventure I interest to photography and design graphic too.

In my trips blog here i try to share all people around the world about my trips experiences. The place there I have been visited and tell about what in Borneo is. Some of my consideration to build this blog.

In page of the Trips in Borneo, I considering about design for this blog those are colors, vectors and symbols, etc.
  • Header developed by green color that means green is identity of life, nature and good habit for life.
  • Header developed by yellow color that means yellow is Borneo society identity.
  • Background developed by black color that means black is unlimited, mysterious and secrets. This is related with Borneo that has many unique and secrets things.
  • Borneo vector (image) is means this page about Borneo Island.
  • Bekantan or Nasalis larvatus is an animal similar with monkey which has long nose that live in Borneo and as unique symbols of South Borneo. This is cause of the Trips in Borneo has developed form South Borneo.
  • Bubungan Tinggi as South Borneo Traditional House means that every elements live in in one large place. It related with everything in this blog has relation one to others like blog content developer (administrator, author, publisher) with site server developer (blogspot, search engines, etc), visitor (reader and subscribers) and other parties who have contributions for this blog.
  • White background of post is means related with original contents of the blog. Although do not rule out the possibility that the sources used are from various sources.

I hope my articles also help as an information for your interest to trips in Borneo or as guides when you visiting this place. Many support from the others is very expected for increasing our services for the reader and subscribers.

For other information you could follow My Twitter Profile, Tripsinborneo in twitter  or find my name Muhammmad Yusmi or Yusmigraphy in Facebook search.

If you have any private question, please send me message to my email: tripsinborneo@gmail.com