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South Borneo Traditional Music Instruments

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Musical tradition of South Kalimantan has its own shape and characteristics. Having a form of music in South Kalimantan of vocal, instrumental and variety of the music and its regionalism. According Hj. Ardiansyah, a local Banjar songwriter, singer and musk observers stated that the area South Kalimantan region of Borneo south music including Malay clumps, but different from the Malays of Sumatra. This is understandable, because the Banjar is a hill tribe assimilation Malay (Dayak) and influence of Java - Sunda.

Gamelan Banjar

Original Photo from http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamelan_Banjar#mediaviewer/Berkas:Gamelan_Banjar_Rakyatan.JPG

Gamelan Banjar is an art that is actually played by a set of musical instruments of the orchestra and its complementary played by people of Banjar tribe. And Gamelan Banjar itself has two versions, there is a version Gamelan Banjar Kraton and there are versions Populist.

Base on history, Gamelan of Banjar has been around since the 14th century brought to South Kalimantan by a prince named Suryanata derived from State Dipa kingdom at that time. This instrument originally from Majapahit (the biggest empire of Java)


Original Photo from http://www.indonesiaheritage.org/ind/katalog/detail/109/south-kalimantan-traditional-music-equipments
Kalampat is a kind of musical instrument tradisioanl single-headed drum. Agency Batung drum sticks or thick bamboo large in diameter. Kalampat played by being hit using a paddle from rattan. Kalampat played along with great (gong) as an accompanist in a Bawanang ceremony (rice harvest), Babalian (bahiaga or treatment ceremonial magic) and other ceremonies in the Dayak community in the Hulu Sungai Tengah.

Kalang Kupak

Original Photo from http://www.indonesiaheritage.org/ind/katalog/detail/109/south-kalimantan-traditional-music-equipments
This instrument is made of thin bamboo species (Paring Tamiang). Kalang kupak consists of 8 segments of bamboo, each cut in half and tapered at the ends. The bamboo fiber is then combined with rattan to resemble the shape calung of West Java.

Kalang Kupak act as carriers of the melody, played with great musical instruments (gong), baboons (drum), dolphins (drum), and a harp to accompany ceremonial Balian, the ceremony for the life safety of the local community who carried out every year and to accompany traditional dances, such as Gintor dance.

Kalang Kumpak a traditional musical instrument Tribes Hill. The Dayaks Maanyan call Kalang Kupak with the name "salung" which serves to entertain the farmers in the fields and to repel wild animals.


Original Photo from http://www.indonesiaheritage.org/ind/katalog/detail/109/south-kalimantan-traditional-music-equipments
This is one of the other unique musical instruments in South Kalimantan made ​​by Tribe Banjar. Even in ancient times this instrument also competed. Uniquely this instrument allegedly played with magical powers. Even at the time contested to the extent that a musical instrument made from bamboo can be broken down even no noise at all with magical powers.

Judging from its shape is like the Angklung musical instrument made ​​of bamboo. Sharpener top of each piece of bamboo is very important to adjust the sound. The length of bamboo used for the pieces are usually only two segments only.


Original Photo from http://kayutangl.blogspot.com/2012/03/kuriding.html

Kuriding including one of the traditional musical instruments of South Kalimantan are threatened with extinction. People rarely play a musical instrument made ​​of wood or palm. This instrument is played by wrapping the rope that holds the wood slats to stick in the mouth with the left hand. While the right hand pulling the strings from the end of the bar next to it so it came out a sound like the roaring sound of the wind.


Original Photo from http://untuktabalong.wordpress.com/2014/02/12/cerita-dari-gelar-budaya-dayak-deah/

Kurung-kurung usually played on traditional ceremony, Kenduri and welcome quests or  officials who visit South Kalimantan. Set of Kurung-kurung consists and played with 7 pieces. Kangkurung is the name of the traditional musical instruments of South Kalimantan, mainly located in rural or mountainous. The naming of this instrument is based on local language

In Tabalong known as "Kangkurung Batang". In the Hulu Sungai Tengah district called "Hilai", in Tapin district called "Kangkurung" and in Banjar district and other areas are called "Kurung-kurung"

Kurung-kurung is traditional music instrument that born from farmer life and played to spend free time after harvest time. Today this instrument still often playing and popular in Astambul society, Banjar Regency area. This one of unique music instrument in South Kalimantan.This instrument made from wooden stick and combine with bamboo in downside.


Original Photo from http://www.indonesiaheritage.org/ind/katalog/detail/109/south-kalimantan-traditional-music-equipments
Panting is traditional stringed music instrument.  This instrument called Panting because it's use string (in Banjarese; Panting). According to many references, Panting originally from Tapin, a regency of South Kalimantan. In past time, Panting played by a person. Now, it can combining with another music instruments like Babon, Gong and Violin.


Original Photo from http://www.indonesiaheritage.org/ind/katalog/detail/109/south-kalimantan-traditional-music-equipments
Sarunai is one of the Banjar traditional musical instrument. This instrument include in a wind instrument. Sarunai usually played in the traditional events that crowded, like a marriage ceremony. This instrument similar name in Malaysia and Minang, West Sumatera. Sarunai can be played solo (alone) and can be combined with other traditional musical instruments.

Terbang Madihin

Original Photo from http://www.indonesiaheritage.org/ind/katalog/detail/109/south-kalimantan-traditional-music-equipments
Tarbang Madihin is one of the percussion instruments. This instrument is usually used on special occasions in Maulid (Celebration of Prophet Muhammad's Birthday). Tarbang is musical instrument made ​​of wood and the leather uppers of animals (cows, goats, sheep) and tied with rattan and fastened with wooden pegs. Most producers in South Kalimantan is in the Martapura.