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Banjarmasin; One Thousand of Rivers

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Banjarmasin is the capital of South Kalimantan province. The city is located in the lowlands. Most of this region is an area of swamp and have streams very much. Every building in this area is built on areas that contain lots of water.

In the past, in this area houses and other buildings constructed along river. Beside it’s, the front of the building facing toward the river so the river become the main sights for the people Banjarmasin.

When the river becomes a vital part of social and economic life, in particular areas are Martapura and Banjarmasin. Both cities are connected by a path of the river by Martapura river. In the Banjarmasin area, Martapura river meet with other rivers, both tributaries, streams and Barito river which is also the larger river in the area around Banjarmasin.

Before the construction of roads, rivers and water traffic is a main line public transportation of Banjarese by boat, motorboat, canoe / rowboat. After the era of progress, path of the river turned into an alternative transportation  for some people. However, despite terrestrial transport pathways that are commonly used, most people still use of original Banjarese. It’s became the best alternative for them. Even the manufacture of ships and boats are still mostly done by the makers of boats on the rivers edge of Banjarmasin.

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