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Martapura; Unique City of Kalimantan Selatan

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Martapura, the capital of Banjar Regency has many unique. People in this city mostly use veil for women and cap for men in daily life of them. In the main streets, avenues, cafes, offices, and many side of Martapura we can see it. Martapura is also called as the city of Islamic boarding students or Kota Santri. This is because in this place there are one of popular boarding school as well as know is Pesantren Darusalam Martapura. The students of this school have come from many place of Indonesia such as Java Island, Nusa Tenggara Island, Sulawesi Island, Sumatera Island and other place in Indonesia and of course from local place is Kalimantan (Borneo) Island.

In this place too, there are a great mosque named by Al-Karomah which the name adopted from Arabic that means the graces. Al-Karomah is one of mosque in Martapura, but this is a popular mosque near center of the city. This mosque has wide yard and it's also frequented by local tourists and outside the region.

Beside known as Islamic Boarding Student city, Martapura also well know as the City of Diamonds. Banjar regency is an area that has valuable mineral resources such as diamonds and gold. In most shops and markets are very much selling diamonds and precious stones as souvenirs when visiting the area. The prices are varieties according kinds, types and shapes. But, a lot of them are affordable.

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