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Lok Baintan; Alternative Floating Market in Kalimantan Selatan

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Almost we know floating market in Banjarmasin as capital of South Kalimantan is floating market Kuin. Some tourists know it’s only the one. But in South Kalimantanhas two dominant floating markets as traditional market.

lok baintan, floating market, kalimantanLok Baintan, the small village near side of Martapura River. It's called Lok Baintan because according legend there was found many Intan or diamond around there (Lok = River, BaIntan = has Diamond). But now, we have difficult to find diamond around Lok Baintan. Today, Lok Baintan becomes a place of tourism.

Every early morning, people flocked come down into river and paddle boat or canoe. Some of them bring agriculture product such as rice, local fruits, vegetables, foods, traditional cakes and others, although they sell industry product too including daily necessities. They bring it’s with canoe to sell with the consumers.

That place is not too far from Banjarmasinas capital city. The distance about 15 kilometers or 45 minutes from Siring and 30 minutes from Sungai Lulut (Lulut River) if going there by Klotok, name of motor boat. The other alternative, we can reached about 30 (thirty) minutes by land transportation.

By the Klotok, we can enjoy the trip along the river. We also can see people living on the edge of the Martapura River. When we still in the trip, we can take some landscape, silhouette or sunrise photo at that morning.

If we lucky, we may find seller and buyer make barter or exchange goods without using money. This is a traditional culture in there and its look like old age. But if we not find it, don’t worry. Lok Baintan still has many unique cultures those are not found in the other side of world.