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Riam Kanan; Secret History of Aranio Lake

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Riam Kanan, lake, borneo, aranioIn South Kalimantan, there is a lake formed from the source of river water and rainwater from the mountains Meratus. The water was stake causes from the damming of the reservoir that aims as one of the main suppliers of hydro power resources to areas south Kalimantan and central Kalimantan.
As the result of damming, the water from rain and rivers in the mountains Meratus be stuck in that area. The area named Aranio that divided into several areas of the township.

Firstly, Aranio is an area that fused in a single region. However, after the construction of Riam Kanan dam, the lower area become submerge by the water and residents around displaced and moved to higher ground.

Before they move from low-lying areas such Aranio, they have notified that the water will become tidal. However, only some people who believed at the time and they were first evacuated their lives to higher ground than before. Some people still did not believe, they chose to remain in the place of origin.

In the rainy season, water begins to install. Little by little, day by day, week to week the water becomes more and rising. Because the area of South Kalimantan, including the tropical regions that have high rainfall when compared to other areas outside the equator areas, making the pair of water in the area more quickly. Many of the houses, plantations, farms must move quickly.

Some houses, plantations, livestock and agriculture had moved to higher ground, but much of it that has not evacuated. People in the area Aranio evacuated to various places in the hills that might not been submerged by water, so that they become separated in different areas farther than before.

Today, Aranio partially become the lake that is wide enough and the people living in an area that was once a hill around the lake and formed a separate village.