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Varieties of Apam in Barabai

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Apam is unique traditional cake
especially in Barabai
Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency
If we have heard and call Apam, we might remember with Barabai city as central of Apam. But, how many kinds of Apam did you know? one, two, three or......(other). Well, in here I will share and give you an information about how many kinds of Apam in Barabai are.

There are some kinds of Apam in Barabai:

1. Based on Shape

  • Thin Apam

Mostly kind those are selling in around the Barabai city has thin and small shape. It sold wrapped. The merchant does not providing place for eating, but you can tested Apam before buy it. You can buy more if you like it.

  • Big Apam

Bigger Apam just we find only at Fasting Holiday. Out of those days, we do not find it. Because, many people do not makes this kind of Apam. Every twice of year, they made it. Especially, they do during Fasting holiday ceremony (Idul Fitri) and at Adha ceremony (Idul Adha). Many of chefs are traditional people. The bigger Apam that usually made and presented for the quest or family who are visit their house. Beside that, it is also give to neighbors near their house. This is means to make good relationship between them.

2. Based on color

  • Brown Apam

Some of Apam Cake made from palm sugar. The color of sugar leaven brown color to the cookie dough. Therefore, it is make the cake become special sweet taste from Apam.

  • White Apam

Different with brown Apam, the taste and color of white Apam dominated from the granulated sugar. Nevertheless, some of them, there are make without sugar. Therefore, we eat them with sugar sauce from palm sugar too.

3. Based on way to eat

  • Wet Apam

Wet Apam is white Apam that tasteless which be eaten by sugar sauce from palm sugar.

  • Dry Apam

Dry Apam is brown Apam, which has sweet taste and eaten without sugar sauce.

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