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Danau Panggang; Sea of Swamp

In Hulu Sungai Utara regency there is a vast swamp area, so-called swamp ocean. One such area is Danau Panggang (the roasted lake). Most of this area is an area of swamp water is deep enough. The people there lived in a house on the water and they inhabit the near by land or dry land areas.
Danau Panggang is a one of interest place in Borneo
which has widely swamp in that area
till called as sea of the swamp
The swamp areas are not much populates by people, but those who live there use the area as a source of livelihood such as fishing, catch the fish, and shepherd buffalo. Transport in water has a role as important as land transportation. Communities around sometimes use the road and sometimes also waterways and rivers.

Bake a vast lake area 380.62 km2 (38,062 ha) and most of it is swamp has a special attraction for tourists, the adventurers and people who like interesting journey. In addition to the region, so the attraction, activity there was a concern to all comers from both local and outside the region (international).

Original Photo by Andang Kasriadi from http://www.panoramio.com/photo/22663775
In this area, there is also a kind of swamp ecosystems of unique and interesting animals. Some of the animal is a type of birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes. Fishes are also finding there such as Papuyu, Haruan, Tauman, Sapat, Sapat Siam and other local fishes name. This type is the type of local freshwater fish water that tastes sweet and distinctive.

Maybe not complete when visiting South Kalimantan without trying to visit the area around Lake Grill and ride the Klotok in the area and enjoy the view of the ocean marshes along the eye could see.