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Boiled Corn Non Stop in Pandahan, Bati-Bati

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In the district of Bati-Bati Tanah Laut regency there is a village named Pandahan. The village is close to the border to the municipal Banjarbaru. Pandahan village is located in an area largely marshland and there are still lots of empty space without buildings.
Boiled corn in the fan,
Eating it still warm,
Enjoy when in dusk.
Marsh is part of community life in sight. From the swamp, they become timber Galam. Moreover, because their lives around the swamp, people Pandahan mostly engaged in agriculture and other sectors in most of his childhood. In because of the swampy areas, largely shaped housing or mangrove root system also called the house on stilts. The houses built on the main road and partly on the riverside.

Original Photo by Robertus Rubiyanto
If you ever skip or stop in Pandahan, you would see on the side of the road lot of people selling. Along the highway in the village, their making a stand that sells the corn boiled in the pan. They sell them from noon until the early hours. Therefore, if you intend to come to the area, the time is quite right about the afternoon until the evening and you will be able to find corn on the cob sold by them. Moreover, if you pass the street at night, the lights from the sellers stand along the roadside illuminate the track.

You do not have to eat at a place if in a hurry or do not have much time to stop, you simply buy the corn that have been cooked and carried. If you want to eat immediately, the seller usually provides a mixture of salt and pepper to add saltiness to the corn. Therefore, you stay put and eat alone.

The price offered for a seed corn on the cob varies based on size large or small corn sold. Prices are quite affordable by various groups for under 5.000 (five thousand) Rupiah or <$ 0.5.