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Garih; Special Menu for Lauch


Garih is one of the traditional reciepes. It is processed by traditional ways
with dry fish of freshwater or sea water
and coconut milk also.

Garih is one of the traditional regional recipes, especially in South Kalimantan. Garih like fish dishes are cooked with a distinctive sauce with coconut milk and fish in freshwater or seawater. There are some fish that is cooked using the recipes garih of fish Tauman; kind of cork that live in fresh water and large-sized, fish Haruan or cork and sea water fish such as tuna fish, known as traditional name is Talang.

As a condition garih recipe, the fish must be dried in the sun. This is intended to appear characteristic flavor in the food.

Several other species of fish can be cooked with a recipe garih, but in general society South Kalimantan choose the type of fish mentioned above as an option that is used. Recipes garih characterized by the use of fish, coconut milk, tomatoes and some spices are made from onions and garlic and added a little chilli to add spicy flavor to the food.

Garih Talang, Haruan and Tauman will taste better if served at noon for lunch. Garih rarely can we find in fancy restaurants, classy or food stalls normally. Most garih cooked in homes only. Societies on the outskirts of urban and rural areas are very familiar with these garih food recipes. If you visit the southern part of Kalimantan region upstream is not wrong if ever tried this traditional menu.

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