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Break Together at The Mosque

Greeted when breaking the fast is very encouraging after one day controlling the action as well as vain and things that could cancel it. Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam that must be done by Muslims during the month of Ramadhan. Ramadhan is called the fasting month is believed to be the month full of grace and guidance and the grace of God, the Lord Almighty. So crowded, especially Moslem greeted with great happiness

Break the fast together in mosque
building brotherhood each others
growing the sense of concern to the others

Waiting time of breaking, the most people doing various activities from selling food for break the fast, cooking food at home, and other activities. At the time close to breaking most of the Muslims in Banjarmasin, Banjarbaru and Martapura gathered at the mosque to perform religious services such as reading Yasin Chapter and remembrance. Not knowing whether capable or not to break their own, they prefer to break the fast together at the mosque or moshola than in their homes.

This has become a typical tradition in Banjarmasin, Banjarbaru and Martapura. Break the fast together at the mosque or moshala can foster a sense of concern to the others because of breaking the place in which various social levels come together regardless of each other. Beside that it can increase or brotherhood relationship between one another.

With the menu provided by the organizers to break, they break the fast with the same menu. Sometimes breaking the rice wrap, porridge, soup or rice dishes and drinks that served. The people who will break neatly tiered rows facing each other into a parallel between the composition of one another. They do not sit on a chair but sat in a row.

Most of the break in the mosque are men. While women in different places (not mixed). It is a religion that keeps the relationship between women and men lust awoke from view.

Approaching the arrival time to break them read prayers over utterance against the power of gratitude. Read a prayer led by one of the prominent scholars. Arriving sunset, they eat a dish that has been provided before each person. After breaking the fast, Moslem ablutions and established the evening prayer together (congregation) in the mosque or moshola.

This activity is a rare event that we encounter and are temporary because it exists only in the fasting month or Ramadhan.