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Mamanda; Rare Theatrical Tradition

By wearing native clothes of Banjar culture and the stage decorated with natural setting, accompanied by chanting Banjarese songs , the actors or actress play the dialogs. They are acting as well as people in traditional kingdom life. Talk with the others players by Banjarese language. Sometime time the supporters crowded and laughs loudly see the funny acting or character of the players. It’s the short description of Mamanda, the traditional theater in South Kalimantan.
Theater Tradition of Banjar ethnic,
Show with traditional stories,
In modern era.

Theater is one of stage entertainment popular in this era which is played with variety of performances, variety dialogs, variety technical setting and etc moreover traditional theater. Mamanda is one of them. This is kind of traditional theater which has appears with modern stage setting like stage decoration, lighting or mostly set indoor area, although the essential of stories still appearing old history or traditional life.

Mamanda is traditional theater rarely played. This caused by the performance need more preparation beside it also has challenge with modern theater and electronic entertainments such as television, cinema, video, etc.

If comparing with modern theater, mamanda need many players to fill mamanda characters. It becomes one of the rules that still defended. Maybe if some of us know modern theater can be played by one player or actor like monolog or just few of players can playing the characters, but mamanda has differ from it.

Commonly rules of mamanda:

There are some characters in mamanda:
  1. Raja / Sultan (King)
  2. Permaisuri (Queen)
  3. Putri Raja (Princes)
  4. Wazir (Advisor)
  5. Mangkubumi
  6. Khadam (Castle Servant)
  7. Inang (Khadam’s wife)
  8. Harapan I dan II (Castle Bodyguard)
  9. Panglima Perang (Warlord)
  10. Pardana Menteri (Prime Minister)

Generally, the setting or place of story is kingdom rooms with gate door that decorated by flowers, coconut leaf decoration and wood decorations. And there is a place of the king.

Chronological of mamanda story tell about one problem which is appear in the kingdom life.

Mostly of clothes from Banjar culture and daily clothes that showing their characters.

The dialogs arranged and use Banjarese or Banjar language.

If we visit South Borneo especially Banjarmasin city and looking for some performance of mamanda, we may not always find it. Because, this event is rarely played except when Birthday ceremony of South Borneo (Kalimantan Selatan), cultural festival, competition of mamanda, or some others cultural event.

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