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Preparing Your Trips In Borneo

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For some, traveling is something fun. Besides can find something that is rarely known, met or maybe we are the others who first found it. Lots of new thing and unexpected experience when make traveling to a place rarely visited by the Tourism or visitors from outside the area.
Preparing is most positive action, before go to trips in Borneo
and it will during the journey becomes easier

However, besides making the trip can be exciting and new things are finding in the positive thing, it could be that we did not expect anything rubbing occurs. So, we need of a traveler to prepare it before. This is reducing the occurrence of things that are not desirable.

Understanding the places shall be visit. You do not need to be a clever in places but the knowledge to know where the target visits will be easier for us to travel and to determine the target trips (travel management). Getting to know the place covered in it to know the social life of community, tradition and culture, customs and norms, food, etc. Some of the preparations according to the trips in Borneo, if you travel on the island of Borneo:

Determine the purpose of your trip in Borneo

Borneo Island is quite extensive with existing diversity. It would either specify the place where it will be visit. Such as, you can travel for tourist attractions, the life of rural communities, mountain climbing, hiking, traditional place in the suburbs, culinary tourism, and others.

Determine the travel time. 

After determine the destination, specify how long the trip so that bias into account the costs to be incurred. Both of these you can get information from the guide or travel services that exist in the area of Borneo or bias also you get from some friends who've been to places similar or the same.

Carry Suitable Clothes Equipments

Borneo island in a tropical climate and has a high rainfall in some months from September to January. This is related to the question what clothes we need to brought?. Beside that, some areas have norms of dressing so it is worth to you during your visit in the area of Borneo bring appropriate clothing, polite and do not cause a lot of attention from people around.

Have a Map

Have a map holder is generally or specifically about the areas to be visited. It can help you find the need to quickly and precisely as places of public services (bank, post office, police, etc) and places of interest you think.

Choose The Guide

Look for a guide or some suitable person as well as communicative with you so they can help you as much as possible.

Learn Local Language

Learn the local language wherever possible. On the island of Kalimantan or Borneo, many use language other than Indonesian languages such as banjo upstream and estuary, Malay and Dayak languages also have sub languages of each region. But at least you can speak Indonesian, although only a few words or phrases such as introducing the name, origin, expression of gratitude (Terima Kasih Banyak = Thanks A lot), apologies (Saya mohon maaf = I’m so sorry) and the phrase to ask permission (Saya mau permisi = Excuse me). This is to reduce the occurrence of cultural shock.

Keep Smile

Pray and hope your trip was fun
Good luck, may useful and lets trip