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The 8th Aruh sastra or Literary Festival in Barabai

Routine activities of Aruh Sastra or literary festival held annually by the districts in South Kalimantan which was selected as the host.  Literary Festival  is an activity that elevates both the area's culture, stories, legends, poetry and other areas as well as children's work is also presented with the staging of drama associated with regionalism. In addition, these activities also exhibited the work of local writers.

On December 2011, Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency was chosen to host or organizer of literary festival activities. The event was held from 16th to 19th of September 2011 held at the Murakata Barabai building. The activity was attended by various counties and municipalities as South Kalimantan and is a participant to attend the activity. Most of them are local artists that are in addition to being participants they were also senior figures and literary arts.

At the time the opening was attended by the provincial and local government officials. Before the opening ceremony at 21.00 pm, the evening held a meeting relationship between artist and observer of art. Activity was officially opened by one of the local government officials and enlivened by the appearance of gong music and dance areas, combined with poetry by the organizing committee. The book of literary works  donated by writers to the region-specific  particularly as donations to the library reference area.

Aruh Sastra or Literary festival, held every year, to show culture and arts

After the opening of the finished art of the festival begins each participant who is a messenger of perakilan counties and municipalities. Arts festival ends at midnight and noon followed by seminars, discussions and plenary, at the night continued with the festival.