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Amplang, Good Creaker to Accompany when Eat

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Original Photo from http://frontroll.com/berita-9026-amplang-renyah-gurih-kerupuk-ikan--khas-kalimantan.html
Perhaps it is not good when we feel less tasteful meals. Though already a variety of foods presented, but still remains no appetite. If left unchecked would make the necessary nutrients the body as a source of energy or power is not sufficient. Try to vary your diet with a serving of crackers at mealtimes.
Amplang cracker has varities of flavor, made from sea fishes, rich of nutrition and protien.

Cracker is a food that can be eaten at each meal or a snack in a relaxed time. Besides crackers into nutrients that contain nutrients, as well as an enhancer of breath (to taste) while eating. In the market is now quite widely available types and flavors of crackers. There are already mature (ready to eat) and those that are still raw, so we need to fry it self.

Well, if you walk to the South Kalimantan crackers you can find the raw materials of marine fish, especially fish. Crackers are called Amplang. The shape is slightly rounded and elongated like a finger. Most Amplang sold in markets, kiosks, snack shops, mini markets and supermarket ready meals. The price offered was varied typically between 8000 rupiah to 25,000 rupiah. The prices vary due to raw material (fish) and more or less in one package.

One area that is famous as a producer Amplang is Kotabaru. Communities of this area have largely livelihood is fishing in the sea, because of their being close to the sea. Today, amplang also produced and distributed in other areas in Borneo.

Because the main ingredient of amplang is fish, so amplang contain nutrients such as protein and high carbohidrat. Beside it has high nutritional content, amplang also healthy with no artificial preservatives, safe for consumption. Amplang characteristic flavor of raw materials generated processed from fish and seasonings makes amplang different from other crackers.

Amplang crackers you can serve with any meal menu of your choice. It does not matter as long as you like. For more exciting if it is provided every time you eat with family or friends. Enjoying a meal with the cheerfulness will make your meal taste better.