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Hotel in Banjarmasin

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If you make trip to banjarmasin City, South Kalimantan Province and looking place to stay here there are some hotel in there:

Hotel Adi Chandra
Address:  Jl Jend A Yani Km 4,5
Telp 0511-7480741 Banjarmasin

Hotel Andalas
Address:  Jl Perintis Kemerdekaan 60
Telp 0511-4368608 Banjarmasin

Hotel Andika
Address:  Jl Pramuka 74
Telp 0511-3257165 Banjarmasin

Hotel Aquarius
Address:  Jl. Lambung Mangkurat No. 32 Kav 1-3
Telp 0511-3362525 Fax 0511-3362626 Banjarmasin

Hotel Arum Kalimantan
Address:  Jl Lambung Mangkurat Banjarmasin
Telp 0511-4366818 Fax 0511-4367345

Hotel Banjarmasin Byna
Address:  Jl Jend A Yani Km 4,5 Banjarmasin
Telp 0511-3251008

Hotel Banjarmasin International
Address:  Jl Jend A Yani Km 4.5 Banjarmasin
Telp 0511-3253007 Fax 0511-3253009

Hotel Batung Batulis
Address:  Jl. Jend Sudirman No. 1
Telp 0511-3366146, 3353458, 4366269, Fax 0511-4366270 Banjarmasin

Hotel Beauty
Address:  Jl Letjen Haryono MT 21 Banjarmasin
Telp 0511-4369884

Hotel Berkat
Address:  Jl Hasanuddin HM 20 RT 018 Banjarmasin

Hotel Bina Subur
Address:  Jl Skip Lama 6 Banjarmasin
Telp 0511-4369649

Hotel Blue Atlantic
Address:  Jl. P. Antasari No. 18
Telp 0511-3271889, 3262889, Fax 0511-3272909 Banjarmasin

Hotel Cahaya
Address:  Jl Kapt P Tendean 22/64 Banjarmasin
Telp 0511-3253508/3266478 Fax 0511-3266748

Hotel Candra
Address:  Jl. Brigjen Katamso No. 16 70111
Telp 0511-3363990 Banjarmasin

Hotel Citra
Address:  Jl. Pos No. 4,
Telp 0511-3359575

Hotel Citra Raya
Address: Jl. Laks. R.E. Martadinata No. 6 70112
Telp 0511-3352983 Banjarmasin

Hotel Damira
Address:  Jl Letjen Haryono MT 41 RT 011 Banjarmasin

Hotel Daniel Holland
Address:  Jl Jend A Yani
Telp 0511-7435889 Banjarmasin

Hotel Daun Mas
Address:  Jl Kol Sugiono 17 RT 002 Banjarmasin

Hotel Efa Guest House
Address:  Jl Jend A Yani Km 6,5 Kompl Bunyamin Banjarmasin
Telp 0511-3252118

Hotel Global
Address:  Jl. A. Yani Km 4,5 No. 448
Telp 0511-3271188, 3267695 Fax 0511-3267621-23 Banjarmasin

Hotel Graha Fortuna
Address:  Jl. A. Yani Km 5,7 No. 1
Telp 0511-3273553, 3259393 Fax 0511-3258982 Banjarmasin

Hotel Harmoni
Address:  Jl Brigjen Katamso 11 Banjarmasin
Telp 0511-3356355

Hotel Harum Manis
Address:  Jl Pasar Baru Harum Manis Banjarmasin
Telp 0511-4369669

Hotel IRA Nugraha
Address:  Jl Belitung Laut 34 Banjarmasin
Telp 0511-3362544

Hotel Istana Barito
Address:  Jl Letjen Haryono MT 16-20 Banjarmasin

Hotel Jelita
Address:  Jl Jend A Yani Km 2,5/44-46 Banjarmasin
Telp 0511-3251122 Fax 0511-3251102 – 3262870

Hotel Kaha Reservation
Address:  Bandara Syamsudin Noor Banjarmasin

Hotel Kalimantan
Address:  Jl Letjen Haryono MT 106
Telp 0511-3354483 Banjarmasin

Hotel Kartika Antasari
Address:  Jl. Lambung Mangkurat No.26 70111
Telp 0511-3363119 Banjarmasin

Hotel Kartika II
Address:  Jl. Taman Sari No. 8
Telp 0511-3358873 Fax 0511-3355518 Banjarmasin

Hotel Kartika
Address:  Jl Pulau Laut 1
Telp 0511-3352325 Banjarmasin

Hotel Kertak Baru
Address:  Jl Letjen Haryono MT 1
Telp 0511-3354638 Banjarmasin

Hotel Kharisma
Address:  Jl. K. S. Tubun No. 36-38
Telp 0511-3270988/3270989 Fax 0511-3260960 Banjarmasin

Hotel Kidamang
Address:  Jl Letjen Haryono MT 1 RT 008
Telp 0511-3354638 Banjarmasin

Hotel Kuripan
Address:  Jl Jend A Yani Km I/40
Telp 0511-3268529 Banjarmasin

Hotel Mawar
Address:  Jl Jend A Yani Km 1/16
Telp 0511-3255968 Banjarmasin

Hotel Mentari
Address:  Jl Lambung Mangkurat 32
Telp 0511-4368944 Fax 0511-3353350 Banjarmasin

Hotel Metro
Address:  Jl Mayjen S Sutoyo 26
Telp 0511-3352427 Banjarmasin

Hotel Midoo
Address:  Jl Ade Irma Suryani Nasution 8 RT 033
Telp 0511-3258918 Banjarmasin

Hotel Mira
Address:  Jl. Letjen. Haryono M.T. No. 41 RT. 011 70111
Telp 0511-3363955 Banjarmasin

Hotel Mitra
Address:  Jl Letjen MT Haryono 47 RT 011
Telp 0511-3366890 Banjarmasin

Hotel Mustika
Address:  Jl. M. T. Haryono No. 20
Telp 0511-3354159 Banjarmasin

Hotel Niaga
Address:   Jl Niaga 14 BANJARMASIN
Telp 0511-3352595

Hotel Palm
Address:  Jl. S. Parman No. 189
Telp 0511-3353427 Fax 0511-3355277 Banjarmasin

Hotel Pandan Sari
Address:  Jl. Gatot Subroto Raya Banjarmasin

Hotel Perdana
Address:  Jl Brigjen Katamso 8
Telp 0511-3353276/4368029 Fax 0511-4367988 Banjarmasin

Hotel Permata
Address:  Jl. A. Yani Km 1 No. 168
Telp 0511-3263314-8 Fax 0511-3251997 Banjarmasin

Hotel Pesona
Address:  Jl. Brigjend. H. Hasan Basry No. 32 A
Telp 0511-3302909 Fax 0511-3302911 Banjarmasin

Hotel Rachmad
Address:  Jl Jend A Yani Km 1/9
Telp 0511-3268322 Banjarmasin

Hotel Rattan Inn
Address:  Jl. A. Yani Km 5,7
Telp 0511-3267799, 3267899 Fax 0511-3267699 Banjarmasin

Hotel Roditha
Address:  Jl. P. Antasari Pasar Pagi No. 41
Telp 0511-3362345 Fax 0511-3264006 Banjarmasin

Hotel Sabrina
Address:  Jl Bank Rakyat 5
Telp 0511-3354721 Banjarmasin

Hotel Sampaga
Address:  Jl. Sutoyo S. No. 128
Telp 0511-3352753/3352480 Fax 0511-3357009 Banjarmasin

Hotel Sari Perdana
Address:  Jl Mayjen Sutoyo 13 RT 024
Telp 0511-3359547 Banjarmasin

Hotel SAS
Address:  Jl Kacapiring Besar 2
Telp 0511-3353146 Banjarmasin

Hotel Tambangan
Address:  Jl. Jend. A. Yani Km 5,8 No. 99 70249
Telp 0511-3256031 Banjarmasin

Hotel Tedja
Address:  Jl. Kamp. Melayu Raya No. 48 D
Telp 0511-3270037/8 Banjarmasin

Hotel Telaga Biru
Address:  Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 14 Trisakti, 70119
Telp 0511-4423307, 4423306 Banjarmasin

Hotel Victoria
Address:  Jl. Lambung Mangkurat No. 48
Telp 0511-3360111 Fax 0511-3360266

Hotel Restoran Sampaga
Address:  Jl Mayjen Sutoyo 128 Banjarmasin

Swiss-Bell Hotel Borneo
Address:  Jl. P. Antasari No. 86A
Telp 0511-3271111 Fax 0511-3261369 Banjarmasin