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Overcome cultural shock when traveling

None of us expect the discomfort in your tour. However, sometimes circumstances may not fit with what we had thought and not in accordance with what is expected. If we in a hurry to decide again, would be very unfortunate trip was canceled. In general, the cause of discomfort when doing your tour is the cultural shock.
Cultural shock is a situation where someone who travels to feel the inconvenience of having visited the place and circumstances seem less friendly. So whatever you want done can not be run in accordance with the original plan. Cultural shock can occur in cities and villages (rural), this shows how important it is to have knowledge of ethnic cultures, age groups, religious groups or a group of local traditions (travel destination). Very important to understand the culture, religion, and people in the place where you will go. Cultural shock experienced by a person when it came to a new place.

Cultural shock is clearly a serious condition that requires special attention. There are people who suffer from lack of sleep, mood swings and depression because of a culture shock. Traveling to new places with different customs and traditions can lead to trauma itself. Before discussing about how to overcome cultural shock is better if we first understand what causes.

The causes of cultural shock

In general, there are several causes of cultural shock including the following:
Different cultures and traditions
Habits of a region of origin where we can be 180 percent different from what we encounter when traveling to new places. It could have made us become rigid in socializing with life around.
Language that is not understood
Language is one factor that could lead to cultural shock in itself. Ketidakmengetiaan and misunderstanding of something we saw or what other people say cause we are hard to understand the intent of what other people want or hang of what we want.
Foods that do not match
In addition to cultural factors (norms and customs), difference factor in the new food can also be the cause of cultural shock. The incompatibility of our appetite causing appetite to be reduced. If this is not addressed will affect the health of our own bodies.

Tips to prevent and overcome cultural shock

From some of the most common causes of cultural shock, it would be better if it can be solved quickly when in the new place. There are a few tips to prevent and anticipate the cultural shock, which are:
Do little research
Before we leave will be very helpful to make time to do a little research. Many ways to do a little research of which is to read books related to local conditions (culture, traditions, foods, language), finding out about destinations, read brochures and others. The books about the cultural shock is a great way to start research, but there are things that you will not fully understand until you are in the new place. But the most important thing is to go with an open mind and heart. Many people new to the place without doing research and hoping everything will go smoothly. That could make it difficult to obtain in the field difficult to overcome.
If you are going to become expatriates in a place that is foreign or different culture to your home, do more research. You can use the internet. You can see photos of many places in the world and even read reviews about restaurants, hotels and bars without having to leave the office. You are also advised to stay away from other expats, especially before you leave and some time after you arrive at your destination. Many expatriates gave a negative view of a country, although they continued to live there. You do not need things like this after flying halfway across the globe. Go with an open mind and make your own judgments about the place once you understand it.
Learn the local language
It is helpful when you try to learn the local language before departure. Take a course if necessary. This simple step will make life more simple and people will respect you immediately on arrival in the destination country, also opened the doors of opportunity. If you show an interest in language and culture of other people they will show interest in you.
Join in the community
When you depart, it is important to feel comfortable. Once arrived at the destination, feel the place with your senses, smell the smells, the sounds are all there. Roads around for one to two days to get the mystical experience of the new land that you have found. Once you begin to feel a bit like at home, join a club, and friends with people outside your network, try to meet and make friends with as many local people. Thus you will gain a deeper understanding about your new place, and very likely you will better appreciate the cultural differences that arise. Basically the cultural shock arises from a lack of understanding, excessive nervousness, and can be caused by trivial things.