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Trips in Borneo (New Look)


A few Last months we decided to change the template layout. From January 2012 we designed and coded new template in new look. Many things those we hoped order to the visitor can access and get more information easier in this blog site. There several things those made us to decide new look:

  1. First of all, change navigation menu. In this, we designed top menu, side menu and footers link menu that the visitor can get links of all thing such us blog sites self information links, category information links, contact information link.
  2. Second. Upgraded accessibility speed. In old template, the visitor maybe can access this blog site need more time to get full data from the page. We try to make some unused code or script that can make the load be bored.
  3. Third. Color of the template. By new template we designed some color like black, white, green, cyan, grey and orange. These colors identify the colors which are usually used in Borneo.
  4. Fourth. Logo, symbol and vector created according to texture from Borneo.
  5. Fifth. Back to top. In under slice of the template we added button for reader and visitor can back to top of the template quickly.

We are happy very much when we can give more to visitor who search information about Borneo without problems. We also hope in this new look, the visitor feel more comfortable when visit the blog site and can get many useful information.