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Madihin between Message and Entertainment

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Madihin is one of the cultural district of South Borneo which until now still survive in the era of globalization and modernity. Madihin are messages delivered to the rhythm of a special tone and rhythm of music instruments tarbang shots. Tone and the lyrics expressed spontaneously. Madihin other players toss-song lyrics, as well as its music while playing instruments. Madihin played by a player in a theater. But there were some performances madihin played by several people or referred to the collaboration.

Madihin a further expansion of the poem relates. Each developed its own line with a minimum word count of 4. The number of rows in one his temple at least 4 lines. Sajakannya pattern refers to the vertical end rhyme pattern a / a / a / a, a / a / b / b or a / b / a / b. All lines in his temple status of each household (no status sampiran Banjar as in that poem) and all inter-related in tematis his temple.

Madihin the genre / type of anonymous folk poetry Banjar language that type of entertainment. Madihin spoken in public by way of memorized (not allowed to read the text) by 1 person, 2 person, 4 person or artist Madihin (Banjar language : Pamadihinan). Pee Wee Antemas (in Jakarta Warnasari Magazine, 1981) estimated the narrative tradition Madihin (Banjar language: Bamadihinan) has existed since the introduction of Islam to the Kingdom of Banjar in 1526.

In appearance madihin player usually wear typical Banjar costume with a pat on the head and wearing laung / royal custom pants and a pair of Banjar sandals. Madihin is played by a man or a boy. The art is usually displayed at the event after the wedding reception entertainment, charitable fundraising, staging cultural events, cultural festivals and other entertainment events are presented in a simple.

The lyrics madihin spontaneous expression begins with a greeting, greet the audience (the audience and the host), the message everyday, everyday story until expressions of greeting the cover. The lyrics are set forth in a tone for the show did not stop until the end of the range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. There is usually a lag time when the show breaks madihin played by more than one person. Lag time to replace a previous player.

In madihin performances there is a structure that is standard, namely:
  1. Opening, to sing a verse that begins with tarbang punch called punch opener. Sampiran rhyme usually provide initial information about the themes that will be delivered later madihin.
  2. Installing tabi, which brought the poem or the poem that it respects the audience, providing an introduction, a thank you and apologize if there are errors in the performance later.
  3. Delivering content (manguran), poems convey the contents in line with the theme of performance or as requested host, delivered before the opening of the poem first sampiran (mamacah interest).
  4. Closing, summarizes what poetry purpose while respecting the audience begging goodbye poem closes with a cover.

Ability to convey the tone and also the ability to insert a blow to the music device is the player character madihin that not everyone can / will it skilfulness. In addition, players are required to provide entertainment to the audience in his performance. This has become one of the factors that influence the relative scarcity of competition in addition to the entertainment world today is more and more. So in the end when we've seen madihin art, then we include one of the lucky ones to see his (find) the culture of the past in modern times.


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