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Trip Destinations in Central Borneo

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  1. Arboretum Nyaru Menteng is a forest in which there are many spicies flora and fauna, which is the interesting sights in the city, At this location there are many forestry collection of all types such as hollow plant, meranti, pine, and handsome, there are also projects reintroduksi around 200 apes
  2. Tahai Lake is a small lake located in Palangkaraya. Privileged other Tahai Lake tourist area is the provision of wooden bridges that surround this forest area, so visitors do not have to worry about waterlogged peat. In the woods, visitors can enjoy the cool and fresh air while listening to the melodious chirping of jungle birds. 
  3. Muara Teweh Water City is an area which offers a unique view of Nature in the form of a floating house quite a lot, lined up along the banks of the Barito River as well as offers panoramic views of the river Barito.
  4. Ujung Pandaran Beach is the beach with famous of white sand, lined with waving palm trees along the beach and a wealth of marine life stretches tens of kilometers from the East to the borders Kotawaringin Seruyan District. Coastal Edge Pandaran including type a sloping beach.
  5. Betang Traditional House is the work of Dayak tribes who live in the interior of Borneo with the concept of living in small groups. In the past, the life of Dayak tribes who live in the interior of Borneo that live in groups. Where is the life they lead surely be passed along, it is manifested in a work that is, Huma Betang (Betang House).
  6. Bukit Raya National Park, the observation of various forest animals, and plants that exist in that region typically include Bird Ruai, types of hornbills, porcupines, red monkey, monkey, fish seluang, baung Adung. Bukit Raya National Park can not be separated from the national park Bukit Baka which is a conservation area located in the heart of the island of Borneo. The area has an important role in the hydrological function as catchment area (catchment area) for Melawi River watershed in West Kalimantan and Katingan River basin in Central Kalimantan. Forest area Bukit Baka-Bukit Raya dominated by various types of tropical rain forest ecosystems typical mountain.
  7. Sebangau National Park is potential areas of tropical peat swamp forest with diverse species of flora and fauna, rivers, hills and lakes.
  8. Sembulunya Lake
  9. Pantai Kubu is the area in on the coast faced to Java Sea.
  10. Taman Nasional Tanjung Puting is a national park located in southwestern peninsula in Kotawaringin West.
  11. Pantai Tanjung Penghujan is one of the beach resorts are currently being developed and awaiting the touch of the investors in the field of tourism.
  12. Tanjung Keluang located in the village of Kubu, Kumai District in West Kotawaringin.
  13. Istana Kuning is a relic of the Empire site Kotawaringin remaining, now restored and slicked back, making it one of the main attraction for the tourists.