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Balanting Paring (Bamboo Rafting)

Balanting Paring (Bamboo Rafting) is across the Amandit river  activity using Lanting Paring  (bamboo rafting) is decorated with ornaments. Balanting Paring (Bamboo Rafting) well as a competitions. According to relevant sources of Trips in Borneo can from online newspapers Radar Banjarmasin, the executive committee has provided around 50 fruit Lanting Paring this activity.

Balanting Paring (Bamboo Rafting) activity is one of the tour events are held each year to celebrate the anniversary of the headwaters south district on 2 December. In 2012, Balanting Paring (Bamboo Rafting) activities organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism with the Council of the District Hulu Sungai Selatan Regional Leader Indonesian Youth National Committee (DPD KNPI) HSS which will be held from 21 to 23 December 2012.

The route is divided into two part. The first route of the village Loksado, District of Loksado Amandit down the river to the Pagar Haur village of Padang Batung. Distance or length of time it took the first route is approximately 4 hours. In the second route from the village to the city of Pagar Haur Kandangan

In Balanting Paring (Bamboo Rafting) activities include activities that balanting pangatin (Wedding with Rafting) on the second route, a bamboo Rafting ridden by a bridegroom who will be brought to the finish. After arriving at the finish, the bridegroom are rise by bridesmaids towards Lambung Mangkurat field, in City of Kandangan.

Besides that, the steering committee also organizes art events that are intended as our tradition of entertainment for the community and also introduced the culture to the newcomers. Paring balanting event is expected to increase the attractiveness of the visitors and the love of the area.