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Pagat, Batu Benawa

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Obyek Wisata Pagat terletak di Kecamatan Batu Benawa, berjarak sekitar 7 km dari kota Barabai.Pagat Tourism object is located in the district of Batu Benawa, located about 7 km from the city Barabai. Attraction "Pagat" Batu Benawa is the image of tourism in Barabai, Hulu Sungai Tengah. Because the typical elegance and allure specific, peaceful, water of the rivers is natural and clear, hills and proximity to the capital makes Pagat, Batu Benawa as the main destination for local tourism. According to the people around the area of Pagat, Batu Benawa there Pagat origin occurs because of the curse of a mother to her child is disobedient. According to them, before it became such a river Pagat, Batu Benawa is a very large river. In the vicinity of the river there was a village inhabited by several families including the head of a widow named Diang Insun and her son named Raden Pangantin.
Original Photo from http://catatansinalinali.blogspot.com/2013/12/buncu-banua_5278.html
As adults raden even speculate to across the country, after a successful and eventually returned with his wife. Changing nature turns out he did not recognize his own mother. Deeply hurt by the behavior of his mother finally had enough and cursed her into stone, and the ship he was traveling split into multiple parts.

Pagat river that became a mainstay of tourism in this location, the water is so clear. It's a shame when it is in this place does not feel bathing in the Pagat. Even more interesting, on the banks of this river are the source of water in the cave. For the location of the cave visitors must cross the suspension bridge fairly high. For those who are afraid of heights, can take advantage of a raft bridge made by the locals.

For photography lovers, this place is an ideal place for expression. The natural beauty of this place undeniable, it is tempting to be immortalized in a photograph. For those who want to unwind with friends, this place is perfect. This place promises convenience, freshness, and peace that can not be found elsewhere.

To ensure the comfort of visitors, Tourism Object Pagat also equipped with various facilities. Here has provided children's playground, entertainment stage, gazebo, souvenir shops, food stalls, toilets, changing rooms, and a mosque. In this place there is a hall with a capacity of 150 people that can be used for various meetings while enjoying the natural scenery in the tourism Pagat, Batu Benawa. Now Pagat, Batu Benawa has undergone renovations in dirikannyan ranging from amusement parks, transit, and electrical installation in the cave to attract local and foreign tourists.