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Barabai; Central of Apam Cake

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Barabai is a district and as capital of Hulu Sungai Tengah regency In Province of Kalimantan Selatan. This city has many interest place and product that could be finding in around Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency.

Barabai popular as central of Apam, caused by many people has been made and sale Apam. Based it’s, many people known Barabai as Apam city. Maybe we have questions, “What the Apam is?

Apamis a traditional cake product that made from special receipt and technique, although the ingredients of Apamare familiar by us. Apam has similarities with bread but if we had tested it, we might said, “This is similar but different”.

Generally, this cake has brown color, sweet and has many varieties in it kind. Brown color caused by the ingredient from palm sugar and there are white color because using granulated sugar. It is healthy for consumed. If we find in store, market or stall near the terminal, it mostly made thin and small.

I hope this information help and useful for you. :)
If you interest to read more about kind of Apam read Varieties of Apam in Barabai.