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Mandai; Healthy Foods Durable

Every season of cempedak fruit, people droves to buy it. At that season, cempedak prices are relatively cheap and buyers will choose the type of existing cempedak as they want to. From cempedak a thick fleshy, thin, sweet, very sweet taste and various others. The fruit when in season, so a lot of sold beside in fruit store, the roadside or in front of the house. Beside that if you want to buy it cheaper, we can search and buy directly in the orchard.
Mandai as one of unique and healthy food.
It is processed by traditional ways
In traditional society
On one side cempedak is not too different from other fruits. He is just a plant fruit that grows in general in the tropics. Of its kind, cempedak very similar to jackfruit. However, in terms of shape, cempedak more oval and jackfruit bigger and fat. 

Cempedak and jackfruit has a characteristic seeds containing carbohydrates and skin softener. So after eating the contents of the fruit, cempedak and jackfruit seeds can be boiled. The seeds contain good carbohydrates as an alternative to rice, corn, or wheat.

Beside its seeds can be boiled, skin of cempedak and jackfruit can be used as vegetables and a side dish to accompany rice as a staple food Asia region. Processed fruit skin is called mandai.Making mandai not as complicated as what we imagine. Preparation is similar to making pakasam.

The skin of the cempedak fruit or jackfruit cleaned the outside so that the hard meat fell away from the skin soft. Once everything is separated, then washed with clean water until the sap and the gross loss. After that the meat of fruit sliced rind big. Then put into jars and mixed with salt.

Preservation the meat from skin of this fruit is one alternative that done by Banjarese society to increase food supplies. Food supplies from mandai can be up to several months or years. However, some days or after the salt soak, it can be cooked. Cooking mandai can vary, it depends on our tastes. Can be fried, gravy with coconut milk contrived and so on. Mandai can be a side dish and can also be eating vegetables.