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Pakasam; The Great Traditional Food


Pakasam is the typical food that is generally available in the area Banjar Hulu. Pakasam made of freshwater fish are mixed with traditional spices and preserved in a while it looked like a foul. This is puposed that when the supply of dish at a time rice, it can be saved and used in a long time or the future. So that when the supply side dish / fish or decreased slightly at certain seasons, the stock side dishes are still there.
Pakasam is the traditional delicious
food from Banjar Hulu
that must be tested by newcomer
The fish obtained from the capture of abundant partially stored and processed into pakasam.The process of making pakasam is not so difficult. Just need time for the fish to be durable and long lasting. The process from cleaning the outside and inside of the fish, making spices, and mix them together and store in jars glass.

Making pakasam not much different from makingmandai.Pakasam only must be seasoned with salt and seasoning of fried rice without the use of cooking oil.

Pakasam have a distinctive flavor when cooked. It can cook it with fried or steamed with grated coconut wrapped in banana leaves. More delicious when eaten together with Gangan Humbut.