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Manugal, Exoticism in Agriculture

Have you ever seen someone who was planting rice on the slopes or the hills? Of course, It is rarely, even not found. Usually people plant the rice in the rice field area or watery soil surface. Maybe sometimes we think, would rice planted in areas that are not submerged by the water can grow.
Plant the rice in dryland, planting directly into hills field, always made from ancestors of Borneo.
It is strange to plant the rice can growing. In some regions generally plant rice in the wetlands and contain lots of water, in Kalimantan was also same. But in some areas of agricultural land to put rice on the slopes and hills. Planting activities are called manugal.Manugal activities performed by most tribes Dayak Borneo. Without having to irrigate agricultural lands, they still could grow crops. Because such areas are not even found rare wetlands such as low-lying swampy areas.

Manugal process begins with the opening of land in the hills which is then burning the ground is make the soil more fertile and friable. After the farm was ready, the rice seedlings are planted directly. Unlike in a swamp area that should make the seedbed on rice seedlings.

By relying on rain water and proper planting distance, the rice seedlings grow up to produce rice seeds. During growth, the grass done several times cleaning and pest control plants such as rats, birds, monkeys, wild boar attack or cause damage to agricultural bias.

Agriculture of manugal type can developed in Kalimantan because the geographical factors of Kalimantan around the equator so it has more rainfall levels. In addition it also disebaban factor belonging to fertile soils. The second factor is the dominant influence in addition to other factors.

Manugal activity is a legacy of ancestors who developed the traditional way. Planting rice is usually done with manugal 2 (two) times a year. This; kind of agriculture include agricultural land move, because every once a year they open up new land again. Post-harvest land used for agricultural crops, fruit plantations, production materials or a new housing land.

Borneo Cultural society as a whole after the harvest of farm communities, they held an Aruh Adat or cultural party  as a greeting gift of gratitude and reverence for supernatural spirits believed to have preserved their lives.