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Aruh Ganal as a Greeting of Gratitude

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Who is not happy when given a gift, granted expectations, given grace? Surely everyone is happy. Similarly, the southern interior of Dayak communities given the grace to enjoy the harvest manugal and other natural products. Gratitude as a thank you, they perform traditional feast that invites the surrounding villages in the interior to enliven the event. The majority of Dayak society is not religious. They still believe in the trust that brought / inherited by their ancestors. So they gave the race thanks / spirits manifest to occult in nature.
Drum sounds played, sign is the start of the party, the dancers who led the ceremonial leader.

Aruh Ganal or cultural party was held a few days. The duration of the event depends on the ability of the villagers and how big the harvest is owned by the community. In the days before it is sent saruan / event invitations to nearby areas with the news delivered continue or network. With that information bias is faster and more spread even to urban areas. Preparation was done starting with setting up equipment and decorations customs hall, making cakes, bamboo to make Lamang and other necessities required for activity. Spirit of mutual help and support each party can makes activities implemented as planned (on time).

Aruh Ganal is one of the positive activities of the South Kalimantan hinterland communities that have cultural value cooperativeness, mutual help, close kinship, sharing happiness with others, gratitude and thanks, appreciation of the natural surroundings as well as others.