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Lamang, special food at cultural party

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lamang, special food, cultural party

Every cultural party event is held, Lamang become only food that is not change. From old time until now, people always make it for the party. This food always found when Aruh Adat or cultural party held. It is so familiar for Borneo society. Lamang is part of tradition because make Lamang is a part of party event.

Lamang is traditional food with traditional way and receipt. Usually, people make Lamang before party in Balai Adat (cultural house) begin. The man looking the bamboo for put the rice. Bamboo cut about 1 meter (100 cm) and they clean it with water. In other side, the woman cleans the rice and makes coconut milk. After the rice and coconut milk are ready to cook, they put both of them into bamboo pipes that has layered by bananas leaf inside little and slowly. The bamboo those are full of rice ready to cook.

Some people flame the fire with dry steam of tree. The bamboo pipes take stand and arranged into fire. People keep the fire until Lamang is ready to serve. Lamang presented when climax of cultural party that usually at the night. This cook way is how the people cooking with traditional trick that without pan or metal tools but, they just use what they can find in nature.