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Safe and comfortable during the trip

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safe trip
Travel safe, comfortable and fun to be hope for all people. However, if all the trips that we hope we have prepared? To be able to enjoy the comfort and security in transit would require preparation in order to avoid the things that are not desired or if there was, it is anticipated to handle already exists. 

On this occasion, I tried to give some helpful tips for motorists means of personal transportation in order to make every trip made ​​it easy. There are several things that need to be prepared before your trip begins:
  • Check the completeness of correspondence driving. If you travel by motorcycle or private car, it would be nice if before travelling to check the completeness of driving license (SIM) and the letter of proof of motor vehicle (vehicle registration) 
  • Check the related correspondence. Maybe you need also to prepare or check the completeness of the way such as a sign of identification (ID) letter of navigation items. Moreover you are a tourist who would need to carry travel permits papers such as passports and visas. 
  • Check your personal equipment. Sure you may not only takes a moment in your journey, it should travel supplies such as clothing, documents and items relating to the purpose of your trip taken. 
  • Fill capacity mobile phone battery. Mobile is a very common means of communication today. In addition to being a communication tool, also entertainment, Internet, store data and so on. During the trip really necessary for you to recharge the battery fully mobile and more focused on its use as a communication tool for a while on the way. This may be we need to call or send a message to someone about a question or tell you something. Batteries are very prone to low bat used to call anyone even know if you need to communicate during the trip, which used an empty battery. 
  • Do not forget the charger communication device. Communication devices such as mobile phone chargers become so if the reasons to travel very far and long you can keep charging me a low or discharged battery. 
  • Packing is the contents of the bag. We may in addition to carrying clothing and other everyday equipment, also includes important documents. Take in your clothing and goods are easily wet into wet coating such as plastic packing and the like. The water that goes into the bag will make the clothes we bring the documents to be wet or damaged. 
  • Check the vehicle used. For the convenience of driving, there are some parts that must be inspected before use on a long journey. Parts of the vehicle that we need to examine is: 
  1. Check the quality of the tires if worn or still fit for use. 
  2. Check the pressure of the wind bang, make a stable pressure not too tight and not too flat. 
  3. Check the engine oil, engine oil on the drought will make the vehicle's engine was heavily damaged. 
  4. Check the brakes, very dangerous if you use a vehicle without a safety brake to stop the vehicle. 
  5. Check the light, lighting is needed at a time when rainy weather and at night. However, for regions in Indonesia, especially Kalimantan motor vehicle users are required to light a motorcycle during the day. 
  6. Check the horn. Using a voice or horn is required such as when they want to pass vehicles in front of him, a notice to pedestrians that there is a vehicle, etc.
  7. Refuel at the nearest gas station is the best choice before a long trip. This is because it might be the way we do not find or run out of fuel. You can read about The story empty of gasoline when journey.
  • Bring anti-wet clothes. Now there are various types of garments such as anti-wet and rain poncho or raincoat, jacket, Raincoat and so on. For motorists this is one tool that should always be prepared or carried when travelling. The bias supplies are stored at the bottom of the seat of a motorcycle. For car users, even when rain is not wet but not his fault that brings the type mentioned above or umbrella. Maybe we need when out of the car. 
  • Bring a camera or camcorder. Equipment on this one as an alternative for those of you who will make the trip. You might find something interesting while on the way later on that you might not see or rarely happened before. By bringing the tools of photography or video recorder you can give a distinct impression and make your trip more enjoyable.
Thus some of the above that I gave. Hopefully these tips can make the information or insights that are useful for you to travel more safe, comfortable and enjoyable. Enjoy your trip.
Good luck, may useful and lets trip