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Story Empty of Gasoline when Journey Toward Home

At that time I was on the way back to the house at night. After some time on the trip I saw and realised that the speedometer instructions motorcycle fuel capacity is very low. Direction sign pointing stay a little longer in the red area of ​​the fuel. At the same time the rain was flushed along the way I passed. Very heavy rain fell. Gratitude alone equipment or anti-rain (ponco) I was always under the seat provide a motorcycle, so anticipate that the body and clothes are not so wet, although entirely on the legs of the pants get wet caused of rain (tampiasan) .

During that trip I hope gasoline in the fuel tank of a motorcycle is enough to reach the destination. Occasionally I try to see if there is a kiosk that was selling gasoline at the edges of the road to home. Hours already showed at 22:20 AM or at 10:20 at night.

I try not to get too drove a motorcycle at high speed, for fear that it will speed up or increase fuel used. Travel is still felt cold from the rain and the night wind blowing gently. On the side of the road looks quite a lot of stalls and shops in front of the house, but few are still open, and even then they do not sell retail fuel since the stock is usually taken from POM or gas station can be difficult and rarely on because it is empty. 

Perhaps the scarcity of fuel such as gasoline and diesel is common for people in some areas. Though the type of fuel substitutes for gasoline that is pertamax always available at some gas stations, but most people prefer this type of gasoline because the price is much cheaper than the pertamax. On the road to home some slightly darker areas are skipped, a rare public housing in certain areas. However I am thankful though state travel at night is still safe. It's just that sometimes there are misgivings in case of breakdown motorcycle tire leak and this one that I face is the depletion of fuel. In a few miles to the house that I use a motorcycle can still walk. 

A moment later the bike started showed strange behaviour. The voice began to decrease and the exhaust gas to be weakened. It made me believe that the existing fuel has run out. The distance to the house is only about 3 kilometres alone again. Inevitably, I have to drive my motorcycle while to see if there are those who sell gasoline at that time. Slowly while enjoying the cold and rain at night, a motorcycle driven. Up until I went home, no one else is a kiosk selling petrol at night. From that trip, I was inspired to write an article Safe and comfortable during the trip to be a matter of experience and insight for ordinary motorists who use the tools have their own transport or private. Especially for those who want to feel safe during travel, comfortable and enjoyable.

Good luck, may useful and lets trip