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Halau-Halau, The Highest Peak of Meratus Mountains

In South Kalimantan, there are mountains that stretches from the south of the island of Borneo to the border with East Kalimantan in the north. This mountain is called the Meratus which means hundreds lined hills and mountains. One of the highest mountain called the Big Mountain that has a peak which is often known as Halau - Halau. Peak height of Halau - Halau not as high peaks of the mountains in the other areas is about 1901 m above the sea level. Most areas of this mountain ecology protected by the surrounding society. The residents on the slopes around the mountain is Dayak Bukit people who still adhered to the trust.
Halau - Halau Bini Peak

Halau Halau peak-is one destination of ecological purpose in Kalimantan Selatan beside climbing the activist. Every August 17th, in commemoration of Indonesia's Independence Day, nature lovers and nature enthusiasts are always doing the climb together before August 17. So right on the date August 17, they fly the Indonesian flag at the peak.
Besar Mountain View
Standard ascent takes approximately 4 days from the start of the climb is the last village (Hinas Kiri Village: Batu Kambar and Kiyu) which is a climbing lane. The journey to the Halau Halau peak will pass through a variety of locations such as the Dayak Bukit villages, smallholders, farm manugal, community forests, jungles. Half way hikers will see the freshness of waterfall of Rampah Sungai Karuh. The water is fresh, clear, can be directly consumed. Climbers will also feel the fresh air away from pollution. Cool climate, foggy weather sometimes menyelimputi trip time when the morning, afternoon or evening. This is caused by the thick trees that grew varied enveloped the mountain. Pathway leading to the summit has not been for a high challenge area, but the line is long enough plus more slippery roads during the rainy season.

Rampah Sungai Karuh Waterfall
Great was the joy of mountain climbing as climbers already at the peak, he could set up a small tent or flyset and overnight at the summit. In the morning, when the weather was sunny, hikers will see a stretch of dense forests of the Peak of Meratus and next to that is called by people around the Halau Halau Bini Peak. Ideally the climbers reached the summit at a time before sunsite and down after watching the sunrise before the sun gets scorching because there bagin tree tops. Highly recommended if traveling to the summit-Halau Halau guided by people who are experts in their field and understand these locations to avoid getting lost. This could be caused by the path to the summit rarely passed by the common people and to be vague due to rapid growth of shrubs and trees around the route.